Cowtan & Tout

Cowtan & Tout

Cowtan & Tout carried amazing fabrics and trims offering a wide range of designer fabrics.  They carry Colefax & Fowler, Jane Churchill, Larsen and Manuel Canovas fabrics.  They are based in the Design and Decoration buliding on Third Avenue in NYC knows as the D&D building.  We would be happy to walk you through to help choose fabrics, trims and furniture.  In the meantime though please visit their site to make your online choices.  Once you have made your choice we are happy to help you with your purchase and arranging memo samples and more.

Ask our design team to help you with your room or home design.  We can make up your window treatments and upholstered pieces of just have the fabrics shipped to you.

Colefax & Fowler

Jane Churchill


Manuel Canovas

Be Chic!  "Feel at Home"