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3 Helpful Suggestions For The Ideal Location For Your French Style Daybed


Centuries ago—all the way back in ancient Egypt and Rome—the daybed was a place to rest, to eat, and to mingle, all while leaning back. Today, daybeds have become more than just a luxury – they are a necessity. Not only do they give a beautiful roost to a discussion over tea, a place to settle in with a decent book, or a comfortable region for an evening rest, but it can also be an alternative for a couch or a bed. So if you’ve already bought yourself a French style daybed and are looking for a suitable place to put it in, here are some suggestions.

  1. The corner

    If you have a corner in one of your rooms, which is too small for a bed and too big for a coffee table, it is the ideal spot for your new daybed. Decorate it with furry cushions to give it a posh look and you’re good to go! Watch as it transforms from being a hideous spot to your favorite one!

  2. Big wall

    Since daybeds are particularly made to fit against a wall, you have to find a place where the entire length of your daybed can fit with the wall’s entirety. You could also choose the wall where you would think of putting a sofa. And just then, place a soft rug beneath it to add comfort to the underfoot and tie the furnishings together.

  3. The porch

    If you think a little outside the box, you could even align your daybed against one of the walls in the porch and turn it into that perfect place for an evening cup of coffee with friends. Moreover, when it comes to a porch, you can even do without a wall. Here, the daybed won’t look odd if it isn’t aligned to a wall.

  4. Hope this helps you decorate your home well. And if you are looking for a french style daybed, don’t forget to have a look at our extensive collection.

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