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Blend Classic and Comfort with Luxury Fabrics for Home Décor


Fabrics for Home Décor from French Country Furniture USA

When you walk into most French country homes, you will notice that you feel instantly at ease and comfortable in your surroundings. This feeling may be the most enduring and undefinable characteristic of French country interior design and why it feels so right for the current climate.

French interior design uses scrumptious fabrics for home décor. Toile (most often a floral-patterned material) is fantastic for soft furnishings and textile accents like window treatments and throw pillows. It also makes for stunning sofas and armchairs. If your French Country décor tends to be a little more luxurious, you can upholster a couch and have cushion covers made in a matching toile fabric or save it for pillows and throws.

Many designers add a wow factor to a room is by using other French Country fabrics for home décor. If you’ve ever traveled to France, one of the most beautiful regions in sunny Provence. You can recreate its fields of lavender, sunflowers, and brilliant blue skies in your home by adding country fabrics. Drapes, bedding, tablecloths, and throw pillows of casual woven textures, blue and white color schemes, and embroidered linens create a warm and sunny French country ambiance.

Designer Wallpaper Can Add Personality to Any Room

Wallpaper has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, Louis XVI had a profound impact on the wallpaper industry, and his influence can still be seen today. The wallpaper of the time highlighted both Rococo and Baroque designs. They both featured Louis XVI [...]

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Rococo and Baroque Styles Impact on French Design

French designer furniture styles are beloved worldwide for their beauty and functionality, and their influence is evident in many other countries. For centuries, styles originating in France have influenced the furniture craftsmen that created solid wood furnishings, either painted or decorated with hand carvings.Early on, in the Gothic-era, French-style furniture was mostly functional, characterized by strength and durability. Then, in [...]

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Designer Services “To the Trade Only”

If you’ve ever walked into a designer showroom and read displays that say “Trade Only” or “To the Trade,” that showroom would not be open to the public, but did you also wonder what exactly it means?When you visit an interior designer services location, you may notice that many of the showrooms are “Trade Only,” which means they [...]

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What Is French Provencal (Provincial) or French Country Style Furniture?

When you are thinking of different design styles that can actually transport you to another place, one of the first that should pop into your mind is French provincial. Also known as French country design, this style of furniture makes you feel like you are deep in the heart of Provence - even if you are sitting in the [...]

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French Country Furniture for Dining Rooms

When you are looking to bring a little bit of the rustic French countryside to your dining room; the key is to add French country furniture. These pieces are a blend of elegant, ornate designs and a charming farmhouse style that complements each other perfectly to make you feel like you are eating in the heart of Provence. There are several [...]

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How to Add a French Country Flair to Your Existing Décor

When you are ready to incorporate elegance and personality into your décor; consider adding French country furniture. This style of furniture is the perfect way to introduce beauty and flair to your living spaces. It also offers the feel of elegance and romance that is so often associated with French culture.Now that you know what style of furniture you [...]

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The Look of Provence

People everywhere love the charm of French provincial style, but incorporating this look into your living spaces can be a real challenge if you don’t know where to start. It’s best to begin by setting out to create an inviting atmosphere with a timeless look. Think chateau bookcases and rattan armoires – furniture pieces that encompass that classic French feel. [...]

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Brighten Up Your Space with Mirrored Furniture

In the right presentation, a mirror is more than a looking glass. It’s a material that’s suitable for furniture design with results that are cool and dramatic -- modern, yet traditional.Mirrors give your home a sense of space and light. They are functional pieces of furniture that serve double duty for decorators and fashionistas alike. You can incorporate one [...]

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The Elegance of French Country Dining

Elegance and the style of the French go hand in hand. It’s not possible to picture one without the other. These two come together in a concrete way with French Country dining tables, just like the ones we offer at French Country Furniture USA.What you get with these pieces is casual elegance, and although this appears at first glance [...]

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