What Is French Provencal (Provincial) or French Country Style Furniture?

What Is French Provencal (Provincial) or French Country Style Furniture?

6th Jan 2021

French Provincial Style Furniture

When you are thinking of different design styles that can actually transport you to another place, one of the first that should pop into your mind is French provincial. Also known as French country design, this style of furniture makes you feel like you are deep in the heart of Provence - even if you are sitting in the middle of New York City.

How does this unique furniture style accomplish this? It is based on a perfectly imperfect aesthetic that feels effortless, but requires a lot of hard work to find that perfect balance between rustic and elegant.

This is a style that blends classic French elegance - like the ornate gilding, paneling, and molding you might find in Paris - with the rustic, country aesthetic. This creates something that feels very welcoming and lived-in, while still appearing impeccable and playful with its touches of botanical art, wallpaper, accessories, and fabric.

French provincial furniture truly embodies an airy, soft, and refined elegance that will make any room in your home feel like a dream vacation. By working with a skilled interior designer, you can begin to put together the perfect design for your space to bring your ideas to life.