French Carved Chest 5 Drawer.....Ivory

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A revival of traditional French flair, delightful , with some quite beautiful features such as extra drawers on the base of the armoire and subtle carving. This Collection is also available in fresh antique White and a luxurious Muted silver leaf. The centre piece bed is designed with a low and ornate footboard so as to keep your bedroom looking open a spacious. All images showing different finished and patterns are available from us....Please call to place your order directly due to delivery. Thank you


  • Merchant SKU: CHEST-010
  • Finish: Ivory with slight antiquing
  • Size: Width: 110cm Height: 100cm Depth: 50cm
  • All Handles in this range are antique brass
  • Louis 2 Over 3 Drawer Chest Muted Silver Leaf.
  • All other images shown are available upon request
  • Delivery 8 to 12 weeks