An Introduction to Louis XVI Style Furniture

16th Dec 2019

Louis XVI Style Furniture

When it comes to high aesthetic appeal Louis XVI style furniture eclipses the interior design world. Today’s post will talk about the characteristics of this revered furniture style.

As its name suggests, Louis XVI style furniture is inspired by its namesake, the French monarch who ruled in the late eighteenth century. During this period, English Neoclassical art was one of the most requested art styles. It emphasized a return to the straight lines and geometry found in art from Ancient Greece.

Many collectors describe Louis XVI style furniture as “opulence with restraint.” Indeed, this furniture style eschews floral accoutrements that defined the sensibilities of Louis XV and Rococo artists, opting for clean and straight gilt bronze mounts. Nevertheless, these pieces exhibited stark contrasts between solid wood paneling and brilliant gold accents. Queen Marie Antoinette was well-known for decorating her many residences with this type of furniture.

Furniture from the period is exceedingly rare, and these items and can fetch a high price at auctions. Its legacy lives on, however. Today, many country furniture studios make faithful representations of this aesthetic style. If you want to establish a regal aesthetic in your parlor, living room, or bedroom, Louis XVI style furniture may be for you.