Make a Drab Space Vibrant With Colorful Accessories

16th Dec 2019

Decorative Throw Pillows

Certain well-chosen accessories applied with a deft touch can elevate a drab or mundane space into one that shines with style.

For example, the use of decorative throw pillows is a specific way to create a picture of elegance and style by making a minor addition to the design scheme of a room.

You can use pillows to present a dramatic contrast to the existing palette or go in the other direction and use them to add subtle enhancement to the colors that are already present. Carefully chosen pillows add a splash of color that is delivered in just the right amount. Due to the small size of most throw pillows, you don’t risk overwhelming the room with gaudy shades and patterns, so you are free to experiment without regret.

Their size also gives you the freedom to work with placement. On a couch, on a chair, singly, or in groups, you can work magic with pillows by locating them artistically around your living room or family room.

When you are satisfied with the magic you’ve worked with the pillows, it’s time to branch out a little further afield. Add a lamp that tastefully complements the pillows you’ve chosen with a similar color or pattern. Once that’s done, take a look at the floor and consider how you can incorporate a throw rug as a unifying force for the room.