Coffee Table, Glass Mosaic II

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Glass Mosaic Coffee Table  Retail Price: $2,520.00 - $9,660.00

Glass Mosaic is an illuminated coffee table with a conical base and a glass top. The inner part of this cone contains some LEDs and it is covered with a beautiful mosaic made of glass mirror tesserae cut one by one and positioned singularly. Mosaic is perfect to enrich every design living room and it combines the amazing allure of a glass mosaic with a striking illumination source. It can be used alone or in compositions of more pieces. Every piece is unique, since they are entirely handmade according to the mosaic art tradition developed.  Because of this handcraftsmanship the finished product may vary slightly from what is displayed in the pictures.

Technical Information

Conical coffee table illuminated with illuminated sources hidden in the interior structure. Exterior structure made of iron with a brushed finish, inner part covered with mosaic mirror. Simple or integrated glass top. Light sources available: LED. 3 LEDs needed for the 15.7’’, 19.7’’ and 23.6’’ diameter tables. 4 LEDs needed for the 31.5’’ diameter table. 5 LEDs needed for the 39.4’’ and the 47.2’’ tables. LEDs color temperature: 3000°K. LEDs INCLUDED. Driver on the wire on-off. Components certification: UL. Different dimensions, configurations and interior finishes available. For custom color finishes please contact our Customer Service.


Dimensions:  39.37" x 39.37" x 15.75"H  Configuration: integrated top  Interior Finish:  Glass Mosaic, Silver Recommended Lighting Source: 5x LED 3000K     $9660.00

Dimensions:  47.24" x 47.24" x 29.53"H  $9030.00