French Dining Chairs

Choose Contrasting Design Elements with French Dining Chairs


The French are fascinating people, and like the people, the furniture is anything but boring. In every room of the house, you can expect the visually appealing from lines that curve to fabric with designs to a mixture of the old and new. So, when you’re shopping for those French dining chairs to complement a table, look to French Country Furniture USA for finely crafted furniture.


Vive La Difference

Our chairs and all of our furniture are successful in combining contrasting design. We’ve mentioned old and new, but there is also country casual and refined elegance, all of which take inspiration from the charming French countryside.


Take the contrast to heart when selecting French chairs. How about adding the comfort and color of fabric with a padded seat or cushions of gingham or stripes? Or, match country casual chairs to an ornately carved table? These may seem unlikely companions, but they work very well with French country pieces.


With this décor, the colors are neutral, with a splash of warmth to liven things up. Colors, such as yellow, red, green, and most especially blue, subtly brighten a room. And, don’t forget to incorporate nature in some way, such as with weathered wooden chairs. Browse our selection to find  French chairs that are perfect with your table.