French Tables

Oh, the Meals You’ll Savor on French Country Dining Tables!


Imagine the delicious meals you can serve when using French country dining tables. Perhaps, you’re seeking a new table for your kitchen or dining room. Either way, French Country Furniture USA has an extensive selection of tables and chairs that are worthy of the finest cuisine.


We take the classic elegance of French furniture and add a few natural touches to create that feeling of living in the country. What you get are handsome tables and chairs that look as if you enjoy meals on them each and every day. Combined with the elegance is a distressed look or white-washed wood and perhaps a pop of color and pattern in the comfy seat cushions.


Live in Luxury with our Furniture

Your home deserves designer furniture to fill the rooms with beauty, style, and comfort. For the kitchen, we suggest a chateau French round table in ivory with matching chairs for the living room, a Barocco sofa, chairs, and hammock on vibrant red with gold. And for the bedroom, a Louis XVI button bed with a wardrobe and matching bedside tables. These selections and many more are yours for the choosing when you browse our store for luxury furniture. Shop with us online.