Louis XV Table Lamps II, High End


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Baroque Lamps II, High End

Those who wish to find the perfect complement for rooms decorated in baroque style, Louis XV and Louis XVI, these baroque lamps are the perfect choice: handmade in Italy, in fact, they meet all the standards of the baroque furniture. First of all are of course the rich carvings that characterize this style: not for nothing the baroque lamps present a stem richly hand-carved with stem and floral motifs. This model of baroque lamps is made so that the acanthus leaves, traditional motif of Baroque furniture, seems almost hold the lampshade as a soft support. A Baroque lamp can not be without those elements that decreed the luxury and the elegance: the hand made production, of course, but also the crafted finishing in gold leaf or in silver leaf, which gives a particular bright light.

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Italian baroque lamp of handicraft production. In fact this baroque table lamp is made according to the aesthetic in vogue during the seventeenth century, in the Baroque period. To characterize it there are the rich carvings of workmanship: this baroque lamp is in fact entirely of Italian production and completely handmade with the presence of rich motifs of carved flowers theme, such as the support in carved leaves of the lampshade. The Italian baroque lamp is presented here in a beautiful version with silver leaf finish


Luxury baroque lamp handmade in Italy, of handicraft production. This baroque table lamp is designed as a complement to luxurious surroundings in Baroque style, Louis XV style and Louis XVI style and is characterized by the rich carved floral motifs, especially the nice cushion of acanthus leaves that seem to support the lampshade. The gold leaf finish gives brightness to this luxury Baroque lamp, highlighting the elegance and the exclusivity. This lamp is inspired to motifs that adorned the palaces of luxury of the Baroque period, and it is entirely of italian handicraft production.


Baroque table lamp made in Italy with rich carvings handcrafted by Italian artisans of great experience. To characterize this baroque lamp made in Italy are in fact just the floral motifs that decorate the stem, making it a rich example of the art in vogue during the Baroque period. Taking direct inspiration from the furnishings of the most luxurious palaces of Europe of the seventeenth century has therefore came to life this Baroque lamp, made with all the care and the quality of the classic furniture made in Italy.

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