Louis XV Wall Sconce, High End


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Louis XV Wall Sconce, High End

Made of carved wood by skilled craftsmen, they are available in different versions with one or two arms and have a fine gold leaf finish, also applied manually. The classic appliques are the perfect complement for classic environments in Baroque style, Louis XV and Louis XVI, such as they cast a warm and diffuse light, that can enhance the carvings and the gilding of the furniture in style. Carvings that characterize also the same classic applique, that blend so perfectly with luxury and refined environments. The classic applique can be placed directly on the wall or can be hanged on the coordinated wall paneling creating harmonious environments of class, and of course are suitable to be used on their own or combined with furniture, for example a chest of drawers or bedside cabinets.

Single Wall Scounce

Applique made in Italy in the version with only one arm: of Italian craftsmanship, this version has rich carvings made by hand and fine gold leaf finish, also realized by hand crafting. The applique made in Italy in Baroque style are the perfect complement of luxurious classical furnishings, perhaps combined with coordinated wall paneling.

Double Wall Scounce

Classic Italian applique of handicraft production, hand-carved and gilded in Baroque style. Perfect for classic and luxury environments, these classic Italian appliques are presented here in the version with two arms and put together in a coordinated wall paneling.

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(A)   Baroque carved lamp, Gold Leaf finish Red Lampshade (ART 2012)     SIZE:  inch  x  H  $3362.00

(B)   Baroque carved lamp, Gold Leaf finish Red Lampshade (ART 2012)     SIZE:  inch  x 33.46 H  $3362.00

(C)   Baroque carved lamp, Gold Leaf finish Red Lampshade (ART 2012)     SIZE: x H  $3362.00

Any Finish available

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