Louis XVI Style

Louis XVI Style

Elegant Louis XVI Style Furniture


At French Country Furniture USA, we give interior designers the tools they need to craft regal spaces. Step back into a distant era characterized by opulence and visual splendor. Our collection of Louis XVI style furniture offers the final word in aesthetic appeal that makes a proclamation.


By utilizing high-quality materials and time-honored craftsmanship, we have successfully recreated the brilliant designs that were popular with members of the Bourbon dynasty. Louis XVI style furniture is well-known for its strong designs that belied an air of restraint. Now, you can transform our bedroom, living room, or anywhere you like into a royal hideaway.


Explore our collection of furniture and craft a space that you will cherish for decades. Our chairs, tables, and other accoutrements are built with exacting attention to detail. On top of that, you have the opportunity to craft pieces you will not find anywhere else. Be sure to ask about our custom upholstery designs and elevate your interior design to another class.


Contact us and place your order for Louis XVI style furniture. We ship to most addresses around the world.