Characteristics of the Louis XVI Furniture Style

Characteristics of the Louis XVI Furniture Style

2nd Aug 2019

Louis XVI style, also called Louis Seize, developed in France during the 19-year reign of Louis XVI, from 1774 to 1793. The style was a counter response to the elaborate ornamentation of the preceding baroque period. Although it takes a few aspects of the furniture that came before it, furnishings created during the reign of King Louis XVI resembled a more rustic feeling than previous eras. As dining room tables became more common, mahogany was popularized, along with oak, walnut, ash, and ebony. Some of the major characteristics of the Louis XVI style include the following:

  • Straight Lines & Right Angles
  • Materials: Porcelain, Copper, Steel, Bronze, Marble
  • Oval or Shield-Shaped Seat Backs
  • Geometric Chair Frames
  • Restrained Carvings

Also, the furniture during this era was said to be painted more than in any other period. Colors tended toward pastels and neutrals. Similar to the previous eras, the upholstered fabric was mostly brocade, although its designs were smaller and more subdued.

The Louis XVI style is the most popular of the 18th-century French kings named Louis. You will find many styles of it in trundle and day beds, end and night tables, chaises, table lamps, vanities, and more at French Country Furniture USA. Check out our website and shop for all manner of French furniture for your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room.