Luxury Table Lamps, Lacquered


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Luxury Table Lamps Lacquered

refined technique of lacquering makes even more elegant these classic lamps, designed as complements with the finest decoration for classic and luxury furnishings, such as Baroque, Louis XV and Louis XVI, but also for all other furniture in classic style, from inlaid furniture to carved ones. These classic lacquered lamps combine the traditional lacquering technique with decorations that can be hand carved with gold leaf finish or with flower design decorations. Rich and luxurious, the classic lacquered lamp knows how to be at the same time protagonists of an environment and discrete presence, integrating perfectly into any decor. Very refined also the shades combined with these classic lacquered lamps, which can take different forms and working processes and they are manufactured in matching fabrics as those used for the rest of the room, creating a unique and harmonious environment.

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(A)   Baroque carved lamp, Gold Leaf finish Red Lampshade (ART 2012)     SIZE: 15.75 inch round x 33.46 H  $3362.00

Luxury lacquered lamps in Louis XVI style of Italian craftsmanship. The luxury lacquered lamps are the perfect complement for classic home in any style: the refinement of the lacquer finish combine rich carvings made by hand with gold leaf finish, and with delicate floral motifs. Stylish and with slender shape the luxury lacquered lamps are the ideal choice for those who want to decorate with a touch of sophistication and color its environment in a classic style

(B)   Baroque carved lamp, Gold Leaf finish Red Lampshade (ART 2012)     SIZE: 15.75 inch round x 33.46 H  $3362.00

Lacquered table lamps of italian handicraft production, suitable as complement for all environments in classic style. These lacquered table lamps, with rounded and elegant shape, present beautiful decorations based on floral theme that soften: these rich lamps are at the same time discreet, and can be matched to any room in style. See for example here the lacquered table lamp combined to a carved coffee table with lacquer finish in gold leaf and silver leaf or combined to a nice chair in baroque style, richly carved and gilded.

(C)   Baroque carved lamp, Gold Leaf finish Red Lampshade (ART 2012)     SIZE: 15.75 inch round x 33.46 H  $3362.00

Classic lacquered lamps made in Italy, suitable for all environments in classic luxury style. Entirely of Italian handicraft production, the classic lacquered lamps present an elegant and rounded shape: the lacquering is then enriched by precious floral decoration themes that run through all the stem. Of great aesthetic impact and yet at the same time elegant and discreet, the classic lacquered lamps can be combined with all the rooms in classic style: here are presented in coordination with a small table in walnut with floral carvings and gold leaf finish and also together with a classic carved armchair with white finish on gold.

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